Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sock Hops and Ballet

AJ has been a little obsessed recently with ballet and has been talking about wanting to take ballet classes for two months now.  She practices twirls and little leaps with her arms raised over head as we're walking down the street. She spins about in the stores when we're waiting to check out.

Yesterday, her class was scheduled to have their little sock hop.  AJ is not particularly fond of school, so in the morning when I went to wake her up I mentioned the sock hop.

AJ: What is a sock hop?
Me: Its a dance.  It'll be fun.  Let's get dressed so you're not late to school.
AJ: Dance...*her eyes start to light up* Ohh...I can do ballet, I can do my ballet at the sock hop.
Me: *Knowing full well that sock hops are generally not for ballet* Oh, can do your ballet.

So AJ excitedly got dressed and practiced her ballet at every opportunity which earned her the applause of a random stranger passing us on the sidewalk.  I felt a little guilty knowing that sock hops aren't exactly about ballet but its also preschool so I knew they wouldn't care if all AJ did was spin and twirl and leap during Peggy Sue and Rock Around the Clock.

Of course, when I picked AJ up from school, she pulled me over to the laptop that continuously runs a video of the day's highlights for parents.  Sure enough there was AJ gracefully spinning and twirling and leaping about to some 50s song that I couldn't quite make out.  The rest of the kids were jumping and bopping around gleefully.

AJ: Uhm...I'm the ONLY one who is dancing.  The other kids are just jumping.  *She's giving me that look that is a mix of exasperation and disbelief.*
Me: Well...they look like they are having fun.  Did you have fun?
AJ: Yes.
Me: Oh goo... *AJ cuts me off*
AJ: Until I got bumped.  I got bumped, Mom.  I was doing ballet and I got bumped by the other children.

Thankfully, AJ didn't hold anything against me.  She was just a little indigent that nobody understood the seriousness of her ballet.

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