Sunday, September 29, 2013

Don't mind me

The other day, Aria came up to me with a Lego sword.

AJ: Momma, I need to cut you.  Okay?
Me: What?  Why do you need to cut me?
AJ: Mom.  I need to cut you with this.  It'll be okay.  I just need to collect your blood.  
*she holds up a small green balloon that has not been blown up yet and points to it*
Me: Why do you need my blood?
AJ: Mom.  I just do.  I'm collecting blood from all different animals.  Elephant, Monkey...

So...I'm not sure if I should be bothered by the fact that she wanted to cut me with a Lego sword, that she wanted to harvest my blood in a small balloon, or that she lumped me with elephants and monkeys. 

Rose City Comic Con 2013

Say hello to the second place winner in the 14 and under costume contest at the Rose City Comic Con!  :)

AJ went as Wasp from the Avengers.  She insisted on cutting her hair for authenticity.
The highlight of the entire convention had to be when Christopher Yost, the head writer for The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes asked me to take a photo of them together on his phone.  He told AJ he wrote the cartoon and that his favorite was Wasp.  AJ felt like a million bucks.  Yost has earned himself some lifelong fans in this household.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Caught on Video

THIS is what AJ does pretty much every day and she doesn't need music to dance.  She gets applause from random strangers downtown all the time.  Heh.