Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Well.  Today AJ approached me as I was cooking her oatmeal and asked me if Santa was real or if it's really just the parents buying and wrapping up the gifts.

We didn't start out with Santa.  I felt no need to do so in order to keep the magic of Christmas.  But when AJ was 4, she met the Santa at Alpenrose Dairy and insisted he was real.  I figured if she wanted to believe, who was I to destroy that for her.  

But it was all short lived.  She took it very well, but I suppose if you've only spent two years believing it's not really as big a let down.  

She has been asked to keep the magic alive for other children.  

Sunday, November 9, 2014

What do you believe in?

One day AJ and I were waiting at the bus stop when a Jehovah Witness approached us and asked if I wanted reading material for the bus.  I politely declined and she went on her way.

AJ: mom, what was she trying to give you?
Me: a magazine called the watchtower.
AJ: why?
Me: because she believes in god and wanted to share that with me but I don't believe in the same thing she does so I wasn't interested.
AJ: Well...what do you believe in?
Me:  Science.
AJ: But mom, science is real.