Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

I'm not sure where this came from but suddenly AJ is extremely interested in witches. She had me cut her hair the other day according to her specifications.   Apparently the new do is her new witch hairstyle.

She also wants a broom like something fierce.  I actually did get her one from the Spring Creek Store in the Portland Waldorf School, but I forgot it in Cady's car so it'll have to be a later surprise.  I was feeling really chatty when I bought it too.  The conversation went something like:

Checkout Lady: These are great brooms. I have one at home.
Me: hhhm-mmm... This isn't for me.  Its for my 5 year old daughter.  She's a witch.
Checkout Lady: Oh...  Is she at least a nice one?
Me: Ahh...I think so. She's the kind that celebrates nature or something like that.

Tonight getting ready for bed, AJ got a glimpse of the moon.  There was a full moon just two nights ago so it's just beginning to wane.  She was drawn to its beauty.  She also believed she could see some other planet out there.  It was just the reflection of the moon on her window and I tried to tell her that, but...

AJ: nope. It's another planet.  *in a hushed voice*  I really am magical, I'm a witch.  

So yep.  AJ has decided she's a witch.  

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just another student

Grandma Shellie is on a much needed vacation in Florida, which means that she obviously can't watch AJ while I teach.  Tuesday Cady watched her since I had a professional meeting afterwards but today I had her accompany me to class.

Just as I started class, AJ made it known that she wanted to sit with the students.  Today we mostly talked about their final project, so I started out by handing out a paper with a description of it.  I checked in to make sure everyone had one. 

AJ: (in a little voice) mommy?  
Me:  you want one too, don't you? 
Class:  awwwwww...,

The students start working on a free write about the assignment; AJ starts working on underlining words and drawing little pictures on the assignment description paper I handed her.

After 10 minutes I ask them to stop and work in groups of 2 or 3 to talk about the challenges they had thinking about what to write and questions they had about the assignment or expectations. 

AJ:  momma, I'm going to go around.
Me: you mean walk around?  Okay but don't disturb the students.
AJ:  no, around. (As she goes around the table and plants herself in an empty seat between two students.)
Me: oh!   Are you wanting to work in a group too?

At this point, the students are nodding encouragingly as they make room for her paper and introduce themselves to her.  I think if I had protested I would have been out voted so I just nodded my head and checked up on them to make sure they were making progress.  

I overhear at one point.
AJ:  I didn't even read the paper (giggle, giggle).  I just started working on it. 

Nice, AJ.  Way to demonstrate good student habits.  Heh. 

We came back as a class to talk about the assignment and I clarified any questions they had.  At some point I started drawing examples of what their personal models of leadership might look like.  AJ came up to the board and drew her own models and proudly announced the fact to the entire class which elicited more "awws" from the class.  

When class was over most of the students made sure to say goodbye to their new little peer who was feeling on top of the world by this point.  

Frankly the entire experience was flipping adorable.  Although I fear it has given AJ ammunition for her argument that she should be allowed to come to every class.  Heh.  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Warrior hamsters

Frosting Cup and Butter Cup of the infamous warrior hamster family take down a tiger. Butter uses the element of braveness and Frosting uses the element of calmness.

Please note that no tigers were hurt in the making of this photo.  Mrs. Halika, the tiger, is actually a good friend of the Cups.  The photo was staged to illustrate the fierce siblings fighting technique and skills.  Mrs. Halika in fact normally accompanies the Cup siblings on their fighting excursions, where she helps remove the eyes and noses of their enemies.  

No word yet on what the Cup family does with all those eyes and noses.