Tuesday, April 8, 2014

She just had to go

AJ is sitting on her indoor swing and singing:

They had to fight the orcs.  They had to go to battle.  Oh yeah, they had to fight.  The men of the west they didn't know, no they didn't know...that she was a woman, they just knew she was a good fighter, they just knew she was a good rider, oh Eowyn she had to go to battle, she just had to go, she had to go with Merry.  Oh, she had to go to fight the black rider on the flying creature, she had to go!  They didn't know she was a woman, they just knew she was a good fighter, rider.  Oh riders of Rohan!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Does anybody die?

We just finished the first half of the Return of the King.  Aragorn and company have marched to the gates of Mordor to hopefully draw Sauron's eyes from Frodo and the ring.

AJ: mom, is anyone going to die?  I'm worried!
Me: well, they are going to battle. 
AJ:  so is someone going to die?
Me: er, yes...but if you're asking about Aragorn, Legalos, Gimli, and the others...no, they don't die but other people will. 
AJ: oh okay so like some riders of Rohan that I don't know very well.

And with that she cheerfully bade me continue the story.