Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A collection of AJ-isms - 2011

All My Fingers
Me: Do you know how old you are?
AJ: Oh yes, I'm 3.
Me: How many fingers is that?
AJ: I have all my fingers. Thank you.

Care Bear Stare
Me: AJ, its time for bed. Get some books so we can read a bedtime story.
*AJ sticks her stomach out and stares at me intently.*
AJ: Care Bear Stare!
Ahem...yeah, it didn't work. But she gets points for effort and cuteness.

Here There Be Ducks
AJ was walking around the house dropping raisins on the floor. I asked her to please stop.
Her reply: "But Mooooooom, I'm feeding the ducks!" Oi.

Baby Chickens
Me: AJ, soon you'll meet your baby cousin when Aunt Lisa has her baby.
AJ: baby is in Aunt Lisa's womb?
Me: Yes. But soon he'll be born and he'll be on the outside.
AJ: Yes. And when I was in your womb.......I was a baby chicken. 

Robot Butts
Me: AJ, you should go the bathroom and try to go potty.
AJ: (in a robotic, stilted voice) No. I am a robot and I do not want to go potty.
Me: Well, the robot should use the potty.
AJ: No. I am a robot and I have a glass butt.

Be Calm
AJ: Mom. I am going to do something and I need you to not freak out.
Me: What? What are you going to do?
AJ: Uhm...something. Be calm.

Pesky Witches
AJ: I'm not AJ, I'm Max.
Me: Oh No...what happened?
AJ: There was a witch and she was angry and she turned me into Max. Now there are two Maxes and no AN.

Christmas AJ-isms
AJ insisted on having five stockings for the wall this Christmas. We went shopping and AJ came home with two small stockings: one each for her imaginary friends: Loogu and Dega.

Some folks really get into Christmas decorating.  We do a pretty lazy job at it.  AJ likes to remedy this by adding a little each day. I kept finding fabric scraps draped over the Christmas tree like garland. Oh AJ...she is so busy while Mommy isn't watching.

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