Monday, August 19, 2013

On trees

Daddy got AJ a pocket knife as a gift before our camping trip this past weekend.  Admittedly, I was a wee nervous about handing my 5 year old a pocket knife but I also firmly believe that children are far more capable than we give them credit.  I remember whittling away at wood with a knife when I was a little girl.  Is it possible that she will cut herself?  Of course.  But its also possible for her to injure herself in a number of other ways just running around being a kid.  So pocket knife she has with a good dose of knife safety lessons and under the watchful eye of her parents.  *No, she is not allowed to tout her knife around.  Its for camping and its put up until the next trip.*

Anyhow, she was practicing how to use her pocketknife, whittling away at a stick.
AJ: Momma, see this nut?
Me: Knot?  The knot in the wood?
AJ: Yes, the nut in the wood.  I am scraping off the bark around it to get to the tree zap.
Me: What?  The tree sap?
AJ: Yes, the tree zap.
Me: Sap as in S-A-P.  Ssssssss...ap.
AJ: Yep. Tree ZAP.  I'm scraping off the nut to get to the tree zap.

Fine.  Heh.

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