Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A collection of AJ-isms - 2009 and 2010

Admittedly, 2009 is a bit sparse.  For one, AJ was only 1 years old and I think I was still suffering pretty badly from severe lack of sleep.  Well...I still am but I wasn't used to it then.  So, this collection combines 2009 and 2010.  Enjoy.

The things we do
AJ went through a phase when she was about one years old where she loved tearing off little bits of toilet paper and then stuffing them up her nose.  Never in a million years did I think I would ever have to dig out little wads of tissue from someone's nostrils.

There is nothing wrong with my glasses

Let them eat cake
For lunch AJ had a sandwich, some pretzels with hummus, and a pickle. She removed the bread from her sandwich and stuck all the pretzels in it and declared, "happy cake!" She ate the pickle and hummus.

Little Birdie
AJ has been making bird calls...only we have no idea what she thinks she's mimicking. She puts her hand to her mouth and calls out "who WHO" but the inflection is wrong for an owl.  Plus she adamantly tells you its not an owl.

If you give an AJ a banana...
If AJ asks for a banana, you must give her a banana unpeeled. If its peeled, she won't eat it. If the banana breaks while she is peeling it, she won't eat it.  I never imagined eating bananas could be so stressful.

I am drawing with AJ. She tells me to draw an acorn and an "A." Then she asks me to draw an "R", and then an "icky." I ask her, "What is an icky?"  She tells me, "Poop. Draw a poop, Momma."

I went to wake AJ up. She was feeling cuddly, so we snuggled up.
Me: You're Momma's special little girl.
AJ:  *Stops cuddling and stares at me hard.* I NOT little girl, I a rabbit.  A special rabbit.
I stand corrected.

Wishful Thinking
Me: Go find a book. Its bedtime.
AJ: I read. You go to bed.

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