Monday, August 19, 2013

She wins

Phil bought a 12 pack of Session.  If you've ever had Session, you'll know that the bottle caps contain one of three possibilities: rock, paper, or scissors.  You pop the cap off and flip it to see which you got and per the usual rules of rock, paper, scissors, you determine the winner. I never drink because it just makes me tired and I have too much crap to do to mess around with being tired.  But we were camping so I figured a few beers would be okay.

Phil popped his cap and announced he had scissors.  I popped my cap and found I had paper.  Drat.  Phil reveled in his victory.  And then Aria came sauntering up and announced, "I have rock.  I win."  In her wee little hand was a rock she picked up from the campsite.  Well played little child, well played.
She wins.

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