Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Infamous Journal

Okay.  So the story goes like this.  One day, I went to pick up Aria from school.  She was at the playground so I busied myself packing up her stuff.  The lead teacher brought up Aria's journal.  Okay, she specifically told me that Aria has a flair for the macabre.

Alright.  Nothing too surprising.

Except that apparently, some of her stories had the other teacher a wee worried.  The lead teacher told me this while laughing, saying that the other teacher wanted to know if this was something that they should bring up with Aria's parents.

Anyhow, today at Aria's preschool graduation, we received the infamous journal.

Story 1: Feb. 5, 2013
This is apparently the carnage left over after I feasted on monsters. 
This is a story about a lot of monsters that come to my house.  They try to eat me.  My mommy protects me by eating the monsters.  She loves the meat of them.  One monster is still alive when Mommy ate it.  But the monster was magic and disappeared out! The monster disappeared away!

Story 2: Feb. 21, 2013
Meet ghost.  He likes to collect dead things and make art out of them.
This is a ghost. The ghost creeped into a creepy house.  The ghost found a skeleton that was dead and he grabbed it and he brought it home.  At home, he did art with it and he went to bed but he couldn't go to sleep so he went away.  And he found an old house and it was so creepy and he found a little, little spider that was dead.  And then he grabbed it and he brought it home and he did art with it.  And he shivered his hands.

So I think its important to mention she was recognized today for her great storytelling skills.

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