Saturday, June 1, 2013

Macha Eggs

Bet you're wondering what Macha eggs are, eh?  Yeah, well they're the brown eggs.  Typically we buy white eggs; it is cheaper.  For some reason though I grabbed the brown eggs from the store.  AJ was amazed.  I tried to tell her that sometimes there are brown eggs, sometimes there are white eggs.  She stared at me.  She slowly shook her head.

AJ: Mom, those are Macha Eggs.
Me: What exactly is a Macha Egg?  You know...chickens...they just have brown eggs sometimes.
AJ: Well, yeah, Mom, of course.  The brown eggs are called Macha Eggs and they are from chickens.
Me: Okay, well then where do white eggs come from?
AJ: Oh those come from the eggplant.

Oh.  Well of course then.  That settles it.

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