Sunday, June 23, 2013

Star Wars AJ-isms

AJ likes Star Wars just a little.

She insisted on being blind-folded to practice her lightsaber skills.
Just a touch distracting
So one day I was sitting on the bed trying to write my 3rd paper on quality improvement and behavioral health care. AJ was standing on the bed, naked, and swinging her lightsaber around. Apparently, Luke made some targets shaped like the Emperor and Darth Vader so AJ could practice using the force. By the way, a naked not quite 5 year old swinging around a light saber is a little distracting

Its for you, not me, I swear
As I carry her half asleep into the living room...
AJ: Mommy, you know Chewbacca...he's a different animal.
Me: A different animal from what?
AJ: (opens one eye) Well you know we could watch Star Wars so you could find out.
Favorite animal
AJ: That's my favorite animal. Giraffes, elephants...wookies.
Yep, those are my favorites.

Star Wars/Thomas Mash-up
According to AJ, Thomas the tank engine is very sad because Toby has gone to the Dark Side.

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