Sunday, February 23, 2014

The tooth fairy

On the tooth fairy:

AJ lost her tooth last night and was super excited about the prospect of getting money.  She was super concerned about the fairy keeping her tooth though.  After I convinced her that the fairy only keeps the tooth because of tradition and that she actually had so many that she didn't want anymore and would be so happy to just leave her tooth...AJ happily set it in Fiano's (her imaginary fairy friend) house.

This morning she woke up and was so excited to find not only a glittery dollar bill but her tooth as well.

Then she came up to me with a suspicious look on her face.

AJ: mom, are you the tooth fairy?
Me: why are you asking? 
AJ: I recognize this glitter.
Me: what?! Uhm, well, maybe she borrowed my glitter.
AJ: mom.
Me: what do you want to believe?  
AJ: the truth.
Me: fine, it was me; there is no fairy but it's kind of fun pretending, right?  Just like we pretend all your imaginary friends are real.
AJ:  sure.
Me:  so can I still leave you money for your teeth?
AJ:  uh...yeah, mom.  

Haha.  Well good to know.  

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