Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kitty Proud and Mr. Duck

A while back AJ was very concerned because her imaginary friend Kitty Proud (no not Kitty Pride from X-Men, but I imagine that is where she got the name) had just given birth to a litter of ducks.  Apparently the other imaginary friends were making fun of her.

My response was much the same as usual which I don't think AJ appreciated.  Maybe one day.  "AJ you should let her know that she has a few choices for how to handle this; she can say something to them and let them know they are hurting her feelings or she can ignore them but she cannot force them to stop.  You can only control how you perceive and respond to others."  

That was that but after the talk AJ excitedly told me that Kitty Proud didn't have the ducklings.  Mrs. Duck had the ducklings.  I told her that made much more sense.  She nodded her head and informed me that Mr. Duck gave the sex to her and she got pregnant.  

I stifled a laugh.  Nodded my head sagely and said, "ah, well then. That is that then."

AJ looked at me and very calmly replied, "yes, he gave the sex to Kitty Proud too but she didn't get pregnant."

Right.  Uhm... Okay.  Her toys lead very complicated lives.  

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