Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Maps and the Force of Darkness

I picked up Aria from school yesterday and she excitedly showed me the map she had made at school.

So first, let me just say that we finally got a car and we took this fabulous family trip to Beacon Rock in Washington.  We had a blast and there was some talk about volcanoes and mountain climbing.  Aria was a little concerned that "Mountain Hood" or "Mountain St. Helens" would erupt and we had to repeatedly tell her that it was unlikely.
The view from Beacon Rock and my little hiker.  The elevation changes almost 800 feet in just a mile.  I was huffing and puffing it up the big rock but Aria didn't even seem phased by it.  Of course, I'm a wee bit out of shape but still.
So anyhow, I pick her up from school yesterday and she shows me this map.

Its a map to a pot of gold which is at the end of rainbow...of course.

The following conversation occurred.  True story.

Me: Wow. Is that the little splotch of yellow right there the gold?
Aria: Oh yeah...see, you can see the little rainbow.
Me: Yeah, yeah...I see that.  That's pretty cool.  What is the big black thing?
Aria: Oh oh, see that (pointing to the brown scribble on the left), that's the mud puddle.  Be careful, Mommy. And, and that (pointing to the tall red image next to the puddle) is a....VOLCANO!
Me: A volcano!?
Aria: Yes.  *whispering* Its Mountain St. Helens.
Me: Mt. St. Helens.
Aria: Mountain St. Helens.  And its ready to erupt.  Don't touch it.  Oh oh (pointing to the blue blob on the right) THIS is a lake...a nice, cool lake.
Me: Mmm...Uhm, what is the black thing?
Aria: That's the forces of darkness!
Me: The forces of darkness?
Aria:  Yes...Remember, Mr. Mallard?  He was turn-ed into a GOAT.  But I won't be turn-ed into a goat so do not worry.  But don't touch the gold, Mommy, because you might be turn-ed into a GOAT.

Ahhh...good times.  This map, Mr. Mallard, the forces of darkness...they are so brilliant.

*I should note that the little red splootch in the bottom left side of the forces of darkness is the "blood of animals" in case anybody is wondering.  Yeah...

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