Monday, September 1, 2014


So you know those "oops" signs outside of Petsmart?  One day we took AJ to Petsmart.  She had just learned to read so she read the sign.

I guess it made an impression on her because almost 8 months later here we are sitting and playing vet.  The hamster I've brought in to see Dr. AJ is sick and throwing up.  

I tell her I've been feeding the hamster 55 M&Ms a day.  She shakes her head and tells me...

"Oh dear, you shouldn't feed your hamster M&Ms, you should get her hamster food.  So you need to go to Pets...Pets...PetsOops to get the food."

PS: photo is not mine...I just needed a quick photo to explain where she got "oops" from.  

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