Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bilbo Baggins

Last night, Aria was really amped up for some reason.  It started with a simple request to please be quiet and go to sleep.

Aria had the covers over her head.  She started shouting, "dwarves, leave me alone!  Grrrr!   I'm trying to sleep!"

I gave up trying to get her to quit and went downstairs.  She called for me.  I thought she might be scared as she often does not like being left in rooms by herself.  

She was standing in bed wearing my flannel shirt. 

AJ:  I found this shirt!  I look like Bilbo Baggins!  

I turned around and went back downstairs.  AJ started chanting, "Bilbo Baggins!"  Over and over and over.

Phil went upstairs.  She told him she had an important meeting with the dwarves and she had to be clean so she'd need a bath.  Eventually he gave up and came downstairs.

I went back upstairs to see if I could help her fall asleep.  It was midnight by now and she'd been in bed since 8.  

AJ:  I have a very important meeting at noon tomorrow with the dwarves.  I'll need a bath.

Me:  lovely.  You'll be with grandma so you'll need to take the bath at her place.

AJ:  that won't work.  We'll need to stay here.  The dwarves are meeting me here.

Me:  you can have the meeting after you get home.  I'll send them a message.

AJ:  oh no.  That won't work.  The dwarves are rather suspicious of you.  *lowers voice* they think you are a black rider.  They are very suspicious of people who only wear black.  Be careful.  They surround people they think are black riders with weapons!  

So yes, that was a fun night. 

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