Thursday, May 30, 2013

Documenting Evidence

Children are weird.  No seriously...they are WEIRD.  My child is no exception.  Actually I think she takes weird and ups the ante.  She has about a million (okay, I exaggerate a tad) imaginary friends with very complex life histories and she just says the oddest things sometimes.  But I am having trouble keeping track of it all and think perhaps I should keep a blog about the little and often curious things that Aria says.  So here we are.  I don't really suppose anybody will follow this, although you are certainly welcome to.  The purpose is truly to document the evidence so it doesn't get lost in my head.

I figure the best way to start is to simply jump in.

When Aria was two, maybe two and a half, she told us that Dega and Looga had moved into our apartment.   Apparently, they were from outer space.  We learned about them when she told us that they had sliced her neck open with a knife.  o_O  Yes, we were concerned.  Its not everyday that you hear about violent aliens slicing necks with knifes out of the mouth of a sweet 2 year old.  But we would learn to live with them and Aria's wacky tales because 3 years later, they are still very much a part of our lives.  Sometimes they are super creepy and sometimes they are almost mundane.

The list of imaginary friends has grown.  Currently, in our tiny 2 bedroom apartment, Phil, Aria, and I live with Dega, Looga, Baby Bear, Baby Phil, Baby Seven, Fiano the Fairy, Aria the Mouse, and an assortment of their imaginary pets...such as Tootsie and Harry, two dogs that belong to Dega.  Its a very full house over here. Welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of Aria's head.  It should be a fun ride.


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